Vincent Darré

A man of art in many ways: surrealist designer, stage designer, art collector and polymath.

As a native Parisian, Vincent seemed to have absorbed the whole essence of this city, with its artistry and high aesthetics.

The family of intellectuals gave him the first foundation of his worldview; by the way, the uncle of Vincent Darré was the famous French-Spanish writer, screenwriter and politician Jorge Semprun.

In the liberated 70s, Vincent enters the circle of European jetsetters and earns himself a dandy fame.

He begins his professional career with Karl Lagerfeld at Fendi, then moves to the Moschino fashion house. Later he becomes the art director of Ungaro.

The year 2000 marks in his biography the transition from the world of high fashion to the field of interior design, Vincent founds his company Maison Darré. Original design projects, similar to art performances, makes him a regular hero of the world’s best magazines.

Among Vincent’s iconic projects, it is worth noting: the interior of the sensational Le Baron nightclub in New York, the decor for the Schiaparelli house on Place Vendome in Paris, the decoration of six suites at the Montana Hotel, and in 2015 – the creation of furniture collection inspired by the art of Salvador Dali.

In parallel, throughout all these years, as if playfully, he has played small roles in films (Scénarios sur la drogue, 2000, Mon idole, 2002, Michel

Vaillant, 2003). Vincent also tries himself as a costume designer for films.

It is difficult to imagine how many more talents the indefatigable Vincent Darré harbors in himself. Plunging into his creative laboratory is like visiting a new planet, Alfa Leonis knows about it not by hearsay