Pierre Gagnaire

Legendary French chef, 16 Michelin stars, one of the founders of the fusion culinary movement and a pioneer of molecular cuisine.

Pierre’s first culinary “pen tests” take place in the field of confectionery art, followed by an apprenticeship with the famous Paul Bocuse and work at his father’s restaurant Le Clos Fleuri.

After serving in the navy as a cook, Pierre Gagnaire returns to his hometown, Apinac, where he runs his father’s restaurant. In 1981 he opens his own restaurant in Saint-Etienne and receives the first Michelin star. However, the true fame of Monsieur Gagnaire was brought by his Parisian restaurant Pierre Gagnaire on rue Balzac, which was ranked 3rd in the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants during three years.

Since 2001, Pierre has been actively collaborating with physicist and chemist Hervé This, who studies gastronomy from the point of view of molecular processes. Gagnaire uses discoveries by Hervé This to create new dishes and become a pioneer of “molecular cuisine”. Combination of ingredients, optimal method of cooking, use of additives to achieve the required visual or flavor effect – all of these aspects of Gagnaire’s cuisine have a strong scientific basis.

World fame and recognition comes to the French chef, as his restaurants appear in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Dubai, London. Gagnaire’s Russian period is associated with the Les Menus restaurant at the Lotte Hotel in Moscow. Pierre’s popularity was brought about by his restaurants in Courchevel 1850. However, the Pierre Gagnaire restaurant in Paris remains the flagship for the chef.

Neither fame nor running a big restaurant business could separate Pierre from the kitchen. Monsieur Gagnaire not only welcomes his friends, including Alfa Leonis, but also indulges in gastronomic masterpieces prepared by himself.