Elmira Medins

Elmira Medins is designer for shoes and clothes. She born in Ukraine. Her nationality is Tatar. Since the early childhood, she expressed her interest in the art of painting and ultimately decided to build the career around fashion. She swiftly advanced in various art-related disciplines. Elmira Medins became fascinated with the portraits of women and excelled in the oil painting techniques. Yet, the central focus of her works is reflected in the thematic series of the constantly changing female silhouettes and images. At the age of fifteen, she was accepted to the art college where she majored in the apparel and shoe design. Currently, Elmira Medins is an creatrice an atelier that specializes in the design shoes and production of women’s suits.

To trace the evolution of Elmira Medins creative path, one has to look at the images that inspired the young designer. Thus, all products and collections were created under the influence of a certain female character. It is precisely the unique woman’s individuality that is at the heart of creating an artistic form. The designer focuses on the female beauty and the line silhouette. According to Elmira Medins, the primary technique for her designs is the combination of clear silhouette lines and sophisticated, high quality materials. For the evening dresses she adds the playful game of colors reflected in metalized fabrics, transparent textures, and removable surfaces. Despite the young age, Elmira Medins proved to be a quite prolific designer creating more than 28 collections. While constantly developing the ideal of a modern woman, she wants to reveal the new image to the world, an image of suits and dresses for modern and beautiful individualists.