Chantal Thomass

Queen of French glamor and sophisticated extravagance.

She taught women to seductively wear a men’s suit, and her coal-black bob hairstyle became a legend. Chantal was born on September 5, 1947 in the suburbs of Paris.

At the age of 20, together with her first spouse, Bruce, she launched Ter et Bantine, the line of youth ready-to-wear clothing, which conquered the resort of Saint-Tropez from the very first days of its existence and Brigitte Bordeaux appeared among the regular customers.

In 1975 Chantal created her company Chantal Thomass and in the midst of emancipation,

offered the world a “rebellious” brand, whose revolutionary character was a return to the playful Parisian femininity, to the forgotten corset and lace stockings. Chantal turned underwear into a spicy accessory that can be shown from under clothes.

To her creative talents, Chantal was quickly able to add commercial success. She has established herself as a serious player in the fashion industry.

However, her path was not a bed of roses. Suffice it to mention that in 1985 she signed a contract with the World Japanese company, and in 1995, the main shareholder of this company took away from Chantal the right to its own name label.

Three years later, that’s how long the litigation took, Chantal returns with dignity to her brand, and her name is now a legend in the fashion world.

Always balancing on the fine line of aesthetics and seduction, in 2016 Madame Thomass became the creative director of the show Dessous Dessus, staged at the famous Crazy Horse cabaret.

Years seem to have no power over this amazing woman, Chantal never stops participating in new fashion, design and art projects. Alfa Leonis is proud to be a part of these projects and we wish our beloved Chantal Thomass many years of creative inspiration.