Bastien Gonzalez

Perhaps, he is the most famous and most eminent pedicure master, who turned these procedures into a subtle art supported by deep knowledge.

Since childhood, Bastien Gonzalez loved skiing and even worked as an instructor in the ski resort of Lioran in Auvergne in his youth. But the unsuccessful fall drastically changed his whole life. While being in a rehabilitation center, he learned about such a direction of orthopedics as podology, from the Latin “foot care”. From his own experience, convinced of the importance of foot health, Bastien Gonzalez became deeply interested in this profession, and in 1997 he received a podiatrist and pedicure Master Diploma at the Assass School in Paris.

For more than two decades, Bastien Gonzalez has been holding the leading position in hand and foot care, relying on his unique global experience, a network of salons around the world and open perspectives in the creation and application of exceptional novelties and proven procedures.

His company, BGA Corp, also owns a cosmetics and beauty accessories brand, and works with an independent French laboratory to develop cosmetic formulas and make products. The geography of the countries in which BGA Corp has established its presence is amazing; the salons are located in Morocco, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Monaco, Mexico, Maldives, Spain, Cambodia, UAE, China, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Great Britain, Malaysia.

The pursuit of the highest standards can certainly be seen as a challenge that Bastien Gonzalez and his international team relish by offering an exceptional level of service and creative solutions to each client. He is trusted by world famous actors and actresses, celebrities, VIPs and even members of the royal family. Although he does not name his clients, it is known that Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert De Niro and Naomi Campbell themselves shared rave reviews about their precious master – Bastien Gonzalez.