Few days before César Awards, we have found out what French stars choose thanks to DPA GROUP.  First, we reveal  for you a confidential list of cosmetic brands.


The brand was born thanks to a trip to Australia, from where its founders brought many ideas about the use of natural ingredients and keratin.

An extensive range of shampoos, hair masks, and serums has quickly gained popularity.

In the Premium line by Rose Baie Paris, a special attention should be given to products based on caviar. As you know, caviar, which has lots of good properties, is already used in elite cosmetics. From now on, the healing properties of caviar, rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and amino acids, can serve the health of hair, stimulating growth and providing an attractive appearance.





This incredibly diverse range of products combines natural ingredients with cosmetic appeal. Pharmacists in love with their native land – Île de Ré, – founded the brand which is located off the western Atlantic coast of France. The power of nature has become the main leitmotif of BIOSALINES. Face creams, dry oil, salt flower exfoliating oil, dry shampoos, moisturizing lotion – this is not a complete list of products that are exceptional in their properties.



Australian hairdresser Kevin Murphy has become famous as the creator of hairstyles for fashion shows, films and glossy magazines. This may be why the range of hair care products he created is so appreciated by stars all over the world. A variety of care collections are aimed at giving hair volume, moisturizing, maintaining brightness and shine, taking care of capillary detox, etc.



It is also important to “feed” the skin with 100% natural and healthy substances, just as we nourish our body with food, say brand experts. Not only can the natural aging process affect the quality of the skin. Other crucial factors are sun, wind, cold, pollution, as well as hormonal disruptions, fatigue, stress, nutritional imbalance, lack of vitamins, smoking, etc. That is why nourishing your skin is very important. In order to make it more convenient to choose the right care from MATIÈRE BRUTE, the brand’s products are prudently distributed by season. Details on the site.