You may not know it by name yet, but its refined and modern aesthetic is conquering the

culinary Parisian scene. Sphère is a must-visit – new Parisian restaurant located at Rue la Boétie.

The chef of this new gastronomic address is Tetsuya Yoshida. Aged 38, he was born in Nagasaki. After studying law, Tetsuya follows his passion for gastronomic cuisine in Osaka where he stays for two years to learn the basics of cooking. He continues his learning in Tokyo as an Assistant Chef then a Second to the Chef first at Les Enfants Terribles, then at another French restaurant Les Enfants Gâtés (1 Michelin star). In order to perfect his French culinary knowledge, he arrives in Paris in 2014, where he works as a Second to the Chef at Esquisse (2 Michelin stars) then, for 5 years, as a Chef at Les Canailles.

With Tetsuya Yoshida’s culinary signature, Sphère offers delicious dishes that you want to have every day. To do this, Chef Tetsuya prioritizes short chains, working closely with small and local producers.

In terms of design, Anegil Architectural Firm has created a warm environment in perfect harmony with the chef’s kitchen. Sphère is the perfect place to sit, share and exchange opinions while the area comes alive at lunchtime.

After dark, he immerses his clients in a cozy atmosphere for an intimate dinner.

Hurry to discover !