Writers, artists, and Hollywood directors often praise Provence, France as a place of harmony and happiness. For example, in Ridley Scott’s film A Good Year, the simple pleasures of Provencal life transform the ways of a workaholic trader from London played by Russell Crowe. This is the kind of story that comes to mind when staying at the five-star Coquillade Provence Resort & Spa. This hotel-village, consisting of several cottages, is
surrounded by natural beauty. Guests enjoy the soothing sounds of the wind rustling through the grass, the singing of birds, endless vineyards, and hills that stretch to the horizon

Coquillade Provence Resort & Spa is located in the middle of the Luberon Regional Nature Park, just an hour’s drive from Avignon train station. Setting up a hotel on top of a hill, surrounded by wilderness and vineyards, was not an easy task. However, this did not deter the Swiss businessman, who was deeply in love with nature and fond of cycling. He began to realize his vision for the hotel in 2006. At that time, the site included several ancient, abandoned buildings and the ruins of 11th century stone walls that had been erected by Cistercian monks. These architectural relics were carefully restored and became the foundation for the creation of the hotel village. In 2011, Coquillade received five stars, but the development of the hotel’s infrastructure continued.

The project outlived its founder and new cottages were built in the years following. Construction continues to this day. Guests can live in cottages with family or friends, as if in their own country house. There are no counterparts here, only the elastic branches of trees resting against the windows, a fountain playing in the courtyard, and cicadas singing in summer. According to tradition, each guest is presented with their own personal pillow, which they can either take home with them or donate to the Emmaus charity foundation, which provides targeted assistance to those in need. According to hotel standards, Coquillade has 21 rooms and 35 suites. The estate also has 3 restaurants, 2 swimming pools, a 2000m² spa, 35 hectares of vineyards, and its own production of wine called “Aureto”.

Here, life tends to be autonomous, making the most of the resources generously given by the surrounding nature. Honey is extracted from local bee apiaries (there are 6 beehives in total), vegetables and herbs are harvested from the hotel’s paddock, fruits are from the garden, and bread and flour products are baked fresh every morning. The purely Provencal way of life is diversified only by chef Thierry Enderlen’s dishes. In the Avelan restaurant, he offers a gastronomic trip around the world, and in the Italian Cipressa, guests can delve into the taste of Mediterranean cuisine.

Unlike most hotels in Provence, Coquillade is open in autumn and winter. They love to host magnificent New Year’s festivities for guests, preparing surprises, decorating a Christmas tree, and coming up with a special New Year’s menu. An indispensable participant in the holidays, bringing joy to the little guests of Coquillade, is a tamed tailless forest cat. Hotel workers found her in a hunting trap, fed and cared for her, and she has remained grateful for her salvation. The animal lost its tail, but retained its appreciation for the kindness shown to it. Respect for nature is a fundamental part of the Coquillade Provence Resort & Spa’s creed, evident in both the big and small things.