Alfa Leonis or "star therapy"

The Alfa Leonis is an international endeavour designed to bring together people who have common interests and values, focusing primarily on culture, entertainment and education.


The Alfa Leonis has reinvented the concept of leisure, enabling the experiences that, on the face of things, money cannot buy.

The Concept

All projects start with an idea. The Alfa Leonis was born out of the desire to march to the beat of a different drummer, to get away from the constraints of standard tours and offerings of concierge services. Who could offer you a dinner with Jean-Paul Guerlain, at his villa, followed by an hour of a conversation with his wife about Arabian thoroughbreds; attendance at the grandiose celebrations of the anniversary of Opera National de Paris; an audience with opera virtuosos Ildar Abdarazakov and Aida Garifullina at a private concert in Monaco; a visit to the restricted access archives in the basement of a jewellery house at Place Vendome; or a preview of the new décor of the apartments designed by one of the most sought-after Paris designers? One could continue this list of the Alfa Leonis’s unique examples of «alternative events» which are beneficial for the body and the mind, but the idea is clear – we can provide access to luxurious and exclusive events.

Unique and exclusive offer on the market

Our philosophy is: to show what is not available for everyone, to tell what only few people know, to travel to amazing places, to organize meetings with people whose talents hase become the property of history.


Alfa Leonis founded in 2019, Nadezhda Shubareva and Elena Couffin (see biographies in the Chapter founders).


Helena Couffin

Helena writing for the leading glossy publications. She now heads a PR agency, living between Paris and French Riviera. Her interests include jewellery and antiques.

Nadezhda Shubareva

Nadezhda has founded and is the head of Gala Russe in Monaco, a successful international annual festival attracting the best and most talented performers from Russia. She lives in French Riviera bringing up two boys. Her interests include music, ballet and travel.